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June Black

I was born in South Africa and at approximately 10 years old the family moved to London England. My father was a Diplomat at the South African Embassy in London. I was educated in Britain.

As a young teenager in the 1960’s London was a lively and remarkable experience. SWINGING LONDON where youth culture was giving birth to a new way of seeing and experiencing the world.

In this environment Art, Music, Fashion, Photograph, Advertising and Cinema all flourished.

I was immersed in a cultural change and as I look back on my journey thus far it is apparent that this was an enormous influence on my thinking and the choices I would make through life. It was a time that we were all swept up in a London, which was the bright shining epicenter of style.

Early days in London working as a model and in advertising and PR this environment formed the background to my passionate interest in the visual arts. and lead to my interest in PHOTOGRAPHY. This took some years to develop but the exposure in the 1960’s channelled into the love of photography. Viewing life through the lens of a camera.

Travel through out South Africa, Europe and United Kingdom further broaden my fascination with the impact of visual arts on my world. 

With a background in advertising, fashion and art the transition to photography became a wonderful way for me to express my creativity. 

So, finally, I decided to pick up a camera and a whole new world opened up for me. Photography became a way I could express all my creative thoughts and feelings. Through the lens of a camera the world became a creative and magic experience. 

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